Lorena Patrucco - Philosophy Statement of Psychotherapy and Counselling

“Whenever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference” – Kevin Heath. 


My personal philosophy of counselling begins and ends with empowering children, adults and trainees to find their true self as they embark in a journey of self-exploration and self-discovery. My role is to act as “facilitator” of their life journey, supporting them through the process of finding solutions for their own problem(s) and building on skills and insights while also demonstrating empathy and respect for their dilemmas and personal growth.


I entered this field because I feel I have a natural inclination in helping others and an authentic listening heart that wishes to see people live a healthy and well-balanced life.

Philosophy Statement

My helping path started in supporting families and children as an Early Childhood Educator as well as Early Interventionist. It was noteworthy to see that when school and home work together in partnership, the child shines like a star and the family enhances not only their dynamic and communication, but it also improves their quality of life. My family-centred approach continues to be consistent with my therapeutic approach today.


As an Educational Psychologist and Psychotherapist, I am aligned with the family-centred and person-centred principles which directly frame the therapeutic conditions in my practice, based on empathetic understanding, genuineness in a conductive non-judgmental environment. I also utilize other evidence-based theoretical approaches which are tailored on the particular needs of clients and families. I use electrical counselling techniques as beneficial and necessary. A client-centered philosophy such as mine endeavors to create a respectful working relationship and develop an alliance with clients and supervisors to embrace change and personal growth. 


In my role as Early Childhood Professor, I have had plenty of opportunities in mentoring and guiding trainees in their practicum experiences. It has always been rewarding to me as supervisor to witness the trainees’ process of development as they acquire the skills and competences to become the best version of themselves. In my view, the primary value of supervision comes from having a safe and supportive environment in which the trainee/supervisee can build on their own skills and insights as a professional in their field.


As a primarily person-centred practitioner, I offer trainees/supervisees the same empathy and unconditional positive regard which characterize my practice. My supervision style involves teaching (didactic model), but a large part of the process is also experiential. I use supervision-based models and competency-based model combined with the person-centred approach and developmental models.

My hope is not to shape the clinical practice of a trainee according to my own background, but rather to foster an environment in which the trainee can develop and shape his/her/their practice for themselves while safeguarding the wellbeing of clients and the public. I make my own preferences and experience available as a resource, not as a driving force. My overall goal as a clinical supervisor is to engage in a relationship that supports supervisees in developing their own approach to therapy, making an effective use of self and affirming their therapeutic wisdom. 


Overall, my philosophy as a therapist and clinical supervisor is to treat each person as a unique individual with compassion and kindness and facilitate growth and development so they can reach their goals and full potential.

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