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17 October, 2021

Who is my teen chatting with online?

By: Lorena Patrucco, RECE, B.A (Psych), M.A.

A frequent topic that comes up in my counselling sessions is concerns regarding online safety. Video games, social media, and chats with others outside teen’s boundaries of their real-life world. Covid-19 pandemic has definitely accelerated the creation and use of the “new social-digital spaces”  for teens.

Teenagers chatting online

26 February, 2018

How to Defuse your Child's Temper Tantrums and Meltdowns

By: Lorena Patrucco, RECE, B.A (Psych), M.A.

The key to successfully manage meltdowns and problematic behaviour is providing adequate preventive interventions. Meltdowns or explosive behaviour cause a lot of tension and frustration not only to parents, but also to the children as they become unavailable to regulate their emotions.

Temper Tantrums and Meltdowns, Harmony Counselling, English and Spanish

24 February, 2016

Supporting your child to cope with anxiety without empowering fear

By: Lorena Patrucco, RECE, B.A (Psych), M.A.

When children experience a high degree of anxiety, such as fear, nervousness, shyness, avoid activities, or school refusal among other symptoms, even the more well-meaning parent could fall into the trap of exacerbating child’s anxiety and sky rocketing their own anxiety and stress level.


Cope with Anxiety

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