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1 June, 2023

Raising your Anxious Child

By: Nicole Henderson B.A (Educ.), RP (Qualifying)

Being a parent is often the most important, yet hardest job that a person can have. Parenting an anxious child can be exceptionally challenging. That being said, there are lots of ways to help your child cope with their anxiety. Anxiety is a natural experience for all humans, including children. Anxiety is defined as mental and physical nervousness and uneasiness, often causing increased tension, usually associated with pressure to please, fear of failure, or fear of the unknown. Anxiety may be connected to specific events, or it can be unattached to any one particular thing. Anxiety can range from being mild to completely debilitating and is one of the most common mental disorders in the world, even for children. While we all experience anxiety to an extent, anxiety becomes a problem when it interferes with daily functioning.

Anxious Child

16 September, 2022

Building YourToolbox: Equipping yourself to manage anxiety and build self-esteem

By: Meagan Lombardi, B.A (Soc), M.A.

Adolescence is marked by changes that make adolescents self-conscious and insecure around others.  This can lead to feelings of confusion, frustration, self-consciousness, and discomfort.  With this in mind it is understandable and COMPLETELY NATURAL for adolescents to experience feelings of anxiety as they navigate this period of life.

Manage Anxiety

16 August, 2022

Breaking the Mold: Paving the road to a healthy self-esteem

How to effectively support children with ADHD to build a strong self-esteem

By: Lorena Patrucco, RECE, B.A (Psych), M.A.

Reducing the stigma of ADHD. Embracing their full potential. Put the person first!

Every child can learn, maybe not the same day or the same way, but they all can thrive in a positive environment!

As a psychotherapist, much of my work surrounds helping children and adolescents to improve their functioning and treating their ADHD symptoms.  ADHD still tends to have a negative connotation in our society that directly impacts children’s learning process, but most of all, their own perception of self. Many children and adolescents walk into my office feeling defeated, misunderstood as well misinterpreted.

ADHD self-esteem

17 October, 2021

Who is my teen chatting with online?

By: Lorena Patrucco, RECE, B.A (Psych), M.A.

A frequent topic that comes up in my counselling sessions is concerns regarding online safety. Video games, social media, and chats with others outside teen’s boundaries of their real-life world. Covid-19 pandemic has definitely accelerated the creation and use of the “new social-digital spaces”  for teens.

Teenagers chatting online

26 February, 2018

How to Defuse your Child's Temper Tantrums and Meltdowns

By: Lorena Patrucco, RECE, B.A (Psych), M.A.

The key to successfully manage meltdowns and problematic behaviour is providing adequate preventive interventions. Meltdowns or explosive behaviour cause a lot of tension and frustration not only to parents, but also to the children as they become unavailable to regulate their emotions.

Temper Tantrums and Meltdowns, Harmony Counselling, English and Spanish

24 February, 2016

Supporting your child to cope with anxiety without empowering fear

By: Lorena Patrucco, RECE, B.A (Psych), M.A.

When children experience a high degree of anxiety, such as fear, nervousness, shyness, avoid activities, or school refusal among other symptoms, even the more well-meaning parent could fall into the trap of exacerbating child’s anxiety and sky rocketing their own anxiety and stress level.


Cope with Anxiety

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